Description Edit

The Blaze Pack is the first and currently the only pack with Ice Tigers in it. It is large and successful, and commonly battles the Ice Pack and the new Fire Ice Winged Wolf Pack.

History Edit

The Blaze Pack was founded by Specklesun, a direct descendant of Great Leo. He created the other Fire Lions, using magic granted from the god, Great Leo. When the leader of the Ice Packs attacked them as they saw the new pack as a threat, Specklesun tricked them and saved the pack. Soon, a vision from Great Leo nominated Specklesun as their first leader.

Notable Leaders Edit

  • Specklesunfirst leader, created the rules, hierarchy, founded and led the newly-founded Blaze Pack.
  • Sandfang--- Killed the Beta of the Ice Pack at the time, Tundrafoot.
  • Blazefire— Prowarned a famine to last for two years, and prepared the pack.

Ranks Edit

Leader: Scorchfire, Blazefire

Leader's mate: Ashtail

Top fighter: Flashstripe

Fighters: Flamestripe, Cherryglow, Redmane

Bottom fighter: Desertfall

Top hunter: Cactispike

Hunters: Sunstrike, Moonflail, Cloudfur, Milkweed, Dustnose

Bottom hunter: Firelight

Cubs: Singetail, Blackfur, Leafrise

Deceased: Slashpelt, Sandfang, Lillypad, Rockeye, Diamondtoe, Berrypaw

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