Description Edit

Breezesong is a large female she-tiger and leader of the Ice Pack. She is average in size and eats rather well. Her stripes look rather purple-ish, but they are still dark. Her eyes are a very dark violet.

History Edit

She was born in the Ice Pack as daughter of Swiftrunner and Fernowl. She was set to become leader and got very well treatment. She, however, never wanted to be leader. She would always explore with her friend, Glassbreak, and they would adventure together in dangerous and forbidden places.

One day during an adventure to the ocean, Glassbreak got stuck in the water and drowned. Breezesong never adventured after that, and started to take her duties as leader to be more seriously.

She fell in love with Blazefire after meeting him at a meeting. He too had lost a friend, and soon they fell in love after comforting eachother.

Powers Edit

Breezesong is gifted the power of ice. She can melt it and create it with a flick of a claw. She is also granted invisibility, but she has not yet learned to control it.

Personality Edit

Breezesong is loyal and trustworthy, yet is hesitant to go into any kind of battle. She is snappy and cold-hearted on the outside, but if you get to know her, she's just acting tough and is still grieving her best friend.

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