Dragons are large, six-limbed carnivores. They have four legs and two large, batlike wings, along with scales that can come in any color. Dragons can either breath fire or ice, depending on their species and habitat. They are very solitary, and there are almost no historic dragon groups recorded. Their tail is very long, about the length of their body, which some dragons use as a weapon.


Dragons are usually solitary, but mated pairs will stay together to have clutches of eggs. Dragons are also very aggressive, taking almost everything as a challenge and not afraid to fight. Dragons are also very very territorial, and mark their territory daily. They also


Most dragons are given descriptive names, such as Strong, Brave, or Fierce. Some dragons are also named after objects in nature or natural phenomena, like Tornado, Leaf, or Storm. Very few dragons have compound names, but when they do, it is mostly because they were either raised by another species ornraised themselves, and are not used to the historic dragon way.


Dragons have been around for a long time, being one of the most powerful mythical beings.

The first Dragons were carved out of rock by the mythical beings of power, Far, Feel, Sight, and Evermore. Their eyes were marked by jewels, and their Bodies were covered in lava and ice. Then, the dragons arose as powerful creatures to protect, defend, and help. But over time dragons have forgotten their purpose and now, they are lonesome solitary creatures, who seek only for themselves.


Many dragons do not believe in any specific higher being, though some recognize the wind and sky as powerful forces. But in ancient times before they forgot their purpose, they looked up to the Mythical Beings of Power.

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