Loyal, Strong, and brave are words that describe this pack. The pack loves their members and will do anything for each other. They belive everything has a life, spirit, and name. They are also kind, respectful, and honest. This pack is undergoing a lot. With a new leader, loyalty is always being tested, and their enemies are the Fire Lions and Ice Tigers. But their pack will always fight for each other and what's right, even if they have to die doing it.

History Edit

The Fire Ice pack was founded by Shadow And Crystal. Soon, it became one of the most powerful winged wolf pack And is now considered better than most packs And the Alphas like royalty. Now, the Fire Ice pack is the ruling pack And rules over the other winged wolf packs.

Pack List Edit

Alpha: Flurryheart

Former Alphas: Shadow, Crystal



Frosted Heart

Blazing Fur

Ice Dream


Sight Wing

Cool Ice

Fire Scorch

Blue Heart

Ice Stone

Omega: Burn

Notable Alphas Edit

Crystal And Shadow: Founded the Pack and rose it to power.

Flurryheart: Newest Alpha

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