Description Edit

Fire Lions are lions with mythical fire related powers, and usually come in shades of black, brown, or fire-y colors. They have a mane that is pure blazing flames when they get angry. They are loyal to their pack, and their mates most of all.

Pack Hierarchy Edit

Fire Lions are given a name at birth that stays with them their entire life, unless they are Omega, which in that case their names are reduces to the suffix only. When a Fire Lion is leader, they pick a second in command, usually their mate or kin. When the leader retires or died, the beta becomes leader and picks a beta in their place. 

Behavior Edit

Fire Lions are very sensitive and loyal, and trusting. They convey their emotions openly to close friends or kin, but of course not in public. They rarely lie to others. But, in battle, they are very fierce and loyal to their pack. 

History Edit

The Fire Lions began when a lion fell into a volcano. They say that their god, Great Leo, pitied the lion and brought it back to life and granted him fire immunity and other powers, thus creating the first Fire Lion.

The Fire Lion Hierarchy is based off of the Winged Wolves, as the Winged Wolves have the strongest packs of all at the time and they are a very successful species.

Pack Edit

There is only one Fire Lion pack, as the species is still new and there are not many fire lions.

Blaze Pack Edit

Fire Lion pack, with the current new leader, Blazefire. This pack is one of the most intimidating packs, and is forever in a feud with the Fire Ice Pack and the Ice Pack. 

Fire Lion Gods Edit

Great Leo Edit

Great Leo is the Blaze Pack's god. It is said he was a war lion and one of the best fighters who saved the lion kind against the tigers. But the tigers are believed to be slick and cold-hearted, and they killed him in the most painful way. This started the everlasting feud. But one day, it is said he will rise again, and save the lions by defeating all the tiger kind. Now, they praise him as their lord, and on the first day of every year, they do a dancing ritual, and entertain him with dances, songs, and more to celebrate his sacrifice. Soon, he is prophecized to return again and destroy the Ice Tigers and the new enemy, the Fire Ice pack. 

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