Griffins are large creatures with an eagle head and neck, large eagle wings, a lion body and hind legs, a lion tail, and either eagle front legs or lion front legs. They are a well-known species. They are carnivorous and usually live in groups, but some griffins are solitary. They lay eggs and have feathers on their head, neck, and wings.

Group Hierarchy

The griffins’ groups are led by a leader who usually has a second-in-command, which is either the leader's mate, child, or sibling.


Griffins are very strict yet loyal to their group. There are rules they must completely follow their entire lives or they will be exiled.

You must belong to only one group in your entire life, which is the group assigned to you by the headmaster.

You must only fall in love once in your life, and if you do, it must be with one from another group.

and You must never attack kin, no matter what group they are from, as siblings are commonly separated into different groups.

Griffins are confusing mythical creatures, as they, unlike most groups, do not go to war often with each other. This is common because of their headmaster's rules. When a griffin is expecting, they move to the Light Group. There, they nurse their cub, but when they are weaned, the headmaster organizes them to a certain group based on their strength, skills, etc.


Griffins are splilt into three main groups and five groups total.

Sky Group

This griffin group’s members specialize in flight.

Earth Group

This griffin group is most common, and the griffins in this group are talented land fighters.

Sea Group

This griffin group has waterproof feathers and the ability to hold their breath under water for a long time. Their attacks in battle are forth explosive lunges from dirty, murky bodies of water where they can hide.

Light Group

This griffin group is composed of the headmaster griffin (usually a male), the vice headmaster griffin (usually a female), and mothers and their babies.

Naming System

Griffins are born with a name that is either a color, element, weather, or item found in nature. When they pass their first hunting assessment, they earn the suffix of their name, which is a big deal in a griffin's life.

Griffin Gods

Griffins do not believe in any gods, unlike most mythical beings, but they do worship colors, elements, nature, and the weather, but do not believe them as a upper god.

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