Ice is a wolf god with a glowing white fur, large feathery-white, smooth wings, and glowing blue eyes. She is the wolf god of ice and controls the winter and weather of the winged wolves’ Fire Ice Pack territory. When she is mad, ice will blow around the territory and trap the creatures inside an everlasting ice prison, Where they commonly freeze to death, but usually she is calm and relaxed.

Personality Edit

Ice is kind, gentle, sweet, forgiving, and tries to do good. She is hardly angered, which is why many winged wolves never even get the chance to anger her. She is kind and forgiving, and calm and sweet, and as gentle as the wind. 

History Edit

Ice was born at the beginning of time, from the Spirit of Life, which is how all wolf gods are born, alongside Fire and Death. She claims to have the most power, but she is still treated equally to her siblings, except Death, who was born last and treated unfairly by her and Fire.

Ice formed the strongest bond with Fire, whom she was always with and cared for the most. She and Fire patrolled the land, making Winter and Summer and Spring and Fall for everyone. But one day as she was with Death, her brother, she and Fire found out Death was not using his powers to take lives fairly. He was biased and bitter, and tortured young souls that should not have died. Out of desperation, Ice alongside Fire banished Death to the Forest of Darkness, where he is kept, while Ice and Fire gained his powers and from then on controlled Winged Wolf land fairly.

Every moon the Winged Wolves of the Fire Ice Pack perform a battle for entertainment towards Fire and Ice, but every year it reminds her of the hardships yet to come, that even she couldn't control. Yet she still acts amused and gives them good will for the following moon.

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