Description Edit

The Ice Pack is the first and currently the only pack with Ice Tigers in it. It is large and sucessful, and commonly battles the Fire Lions and the new Fire Ice Winged Wolf Pack.

History Edit

The Ice Pack was founded by Dripbreeze, the daughter of the first ever Ice Tiger. She founded other Ice Tigers and created them out of snow with her magic. But her powers grew weaker and weaker day by day, as she was getting ill. Soon, she died, before she could grant her leading rank and her powers to anyone. Soon, the Ice Pack battled each other, until Willowwind stopped the fighting by recieving a vision from Great Tigris and Dripbreeze and became leader.

Notable Leaders Edit

  • Dripbreezefirst leader, created the rules, hierarchy, founded and led the newly-founded Ice Pack.
  • Willowwind--- Stopped the Ice Pack from fighting among themselves and was gifted the power to receive visions from the dead, and became the leader.
  • FernowlSaved the pack by killing the leader of the Fire Lions at the time, Dryleaf.

Ranks Edit

Leader: Fernowl, Breezesong

Beta: Swiftrunner

Top fighter: Glacierbreath

Fighters: Iceeye, Snowtop, Smokesmell

L owest Fighter: Snowstripe

Top hunter: Wishnose

Hunters: Pineheart, Spicefur, Spikeslash, Stormheart, Iceshard, Moonfrost

Lowest Hunter: Mountainpaw

Pups: Furfreeze, Clawshade, Coldheart, Twigfall

Deceased: Glassbreak, Lionkiller, Tornear, Redspike, Frigidwhisker

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