Description Edit

Jadeheart is a greenish-black winged wolf with large wings, glowing blue eyes, large ears, and a rare magical power. He is a Spirit Wolf, a rare winged wolf that has powers. His powers grant him immortality, so he is about two hundred years old. He has the ability to shape-shift, create a green fire, and the power of telekinesis (the ability to move things with his mind). He is very large and very powerful, but he mostly uses his powers for good. He has no relatives; he was created by the Spirit Star and sent to live with the winged wolves. Even though he is immortal, he will eventually be destroyed by a hero.

Personality Edit

Jadeheart was at first a hero, using his powers for good reasons, but when he came back, his heart had changed, and he attempted to destroy the packs so he could rule.

History Edit

Jadeheart was created by the Spirit Star when the Northern Pack was formed, and he stuck to being a lone wolf for the time was there. When Jadeheart was younger, he mostly used his powers for good. After about twenty or so years, he left, migrating to another continent. He was awakened by the birth of Raincaller, so he flew back to the winged wolves’ continent. The past ten years he has spent sulking in the shadows, waiting for his time to arrive. While he was away, he thought about whether he should use his powers for good or for bad. He realized that the latter would be more useful to him, so he returned as a powerful, bloodthirsty wolf. He is seen as some sort of god or deity to Breezedusk’s Pack, as the worshipped him before going into battle. Ironically, Jadeheart was the one who killed Breezedusk after she took over the Western Pack and killed Stormchaser. After Stormchaser’s death, he was confronted by Raincaller. Raincaller managed to change Jadeheart’s heart to good, but Jadeheart was devastated about the destruction he caused, so he snapped his wings and fled to the nearest cliff. He jumped off and plummeted to his death, but he became a Mythical Being and continues to watch over the winged wolves.

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