Description Edit

Raincaller is a grey-furred male wolf with green eyes, large wings, and a torn ear. He is the alpha of the Eastern Pack, and his mate is Starleaper.

Personality Edit

Raincaller is one of the best alphas. He is brave and smart, and extremely loyal to both his pack and his mate. He is understanding and sympathetic, and believes that all winged wolves should have a say, no matter their rank or pack. This is also a flaw of his, because many wolves call him "soft".


Raincaller, originally known as Windcaller, was born in the Eastern Pack along with his sister Leafstone and his brother Ashwinter. He had another brother as well, but he was attacked and killed by an eagle. As he grew up, Windcaller became a skilled hunter and fighter. He moved up quickly in the pack rankings as he got older. After his father and mother died, he became alpha and appointed Ashwinter as his beta. Many wolves were skeptical because he was still so young, and he proved to be a good alpha. During a battle with the griffins, Raincaller saved a young she-wolf from Rowanfeather's Pack named Starleaper. They fell in love and became mates after Starleaper left Rowanfeather's Pack and joined the Eastern Pack. Seeing how much his brother loved Starleaper, Ashwinter stepped down from his position of beta and let Starleaper become the new beta. Raincaller was very grateful for his brother's kind action. A few moons later, they had their first litter of pups.

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