Thank you for reading the rules before roleplaying! Please follow these rules! The roleplays should be the best that they can be! If you have any questions, contact EchoLover123, the founder, or an admin.

Roleplaying Rules

Welcome to the wiki! Editing should be fun, but there are some rules you should consider.

  1. No bullying or participating in unruly, rude, mean, or harmful behavior. That includes no curse words or swearing.
  2. Do not intrude (reply) on other peoples’ roleplays. Ask permission before joining a roleplay.
  3. No killing off anybody else’s characters without their permission.
  4. If you are saying something that is not part of the actual roleplay, add “))” to the end of your sentence.
  5. Please use proper grammar and capitalization in your sentences.
  6. During fighting and birthing scenes, use as little detail as possible. This wiki is meant to be kid-friendly.
  7. Follow all rules put in place by the creator of the roleplay.
  8. Once a roleplay reaches 200-250 replies, please begin a new part.
  9. Try to limit your messages to three replies at a time.
  10. Refrain from replying on a thread that is over 30 days old.
  11. Lastly and most importantly, have fun!
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