Rowanfeather was abandoned as a pup who was left in a tree hollow. He learned everything he knew from a winged wolf named Evermore, who he observed. He soon developed a liking to her, and decided to join her pack after locating her camp. But when he got there, he found out that nobody ever knew of an Evermore, and Rowanfeather never saw her again.

He spent the rest of his puphood in the pack he found. He always spoke of Evermore, but still no wolves knew of her.

Once he reached the age of two years old, or the year of age, he left the pack to once again find Evermore. He searched many places, but he never saw the she-wolf again. He still searches for her to this day.

Powers Edit

Unlike many charecters, Rowanfeather has no special powers other than swift speed and flight.

Description Edit

Rowanfeather is a brown, white, cream, and orange colored male. His eyes are a dark brown. He is not muscular and rather skinny, and he is very fast.

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