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Rowanfeather's pack is a small pack living in a small area. His pack shelters wolves who have been banished, or run away from their packs. His pack, unlike most other packs, is more flexible with rules. While in other packs it is forbidden for mid-ranking wolves and Omegas to have pups, he allows all dogs to have pups. He also breaks the rule of having a Beta. Because of this, his pack is not respected and treated like an outside pack unless needed to fight or heal. His pack does not fight other packs in their own battles, but when asked, his pack will fight for others in exchange for food, territory, herbs, or other needed items. He also has three healers, and will tend to other wolves wounds or their packs if asked to, in exchange for items.

History Edit

Rowanfeather, as a young adult, ran away from the Western Pack to become a loner. But he missed the pack life and met Willowdrop. Then, the two created a very small pack, but soon it grew, and became Rowanfeather's pack. It is sometimes called the Helping Pack by others.

Pack List/Members Edit

Alpha -

Beta - None

Mid-Ranking Wolves












Omega - Sunflower


Cloudtuft (Parents: Tawnyfur, Spidervenom)

Whiteblossom (Parents: Clover, Ant)

Stormnight (Parents: Clover, Ant)

Sparrowcall (Parents: Mountainpeak, Skyscar)

Rabbittail (Parents: Mountainpeak, Skyscar)

Hilltop (Parents: Moutainpeak, Skyscar)

Notable Alphas Edit

Rowanfeather - Created the pack ten years ago, still alive today

Battles Edit

Rowanfeather's Pack has been involved in three battles so far. The first feud (Western pack vs Eastern Pack), Usual border fights between the Western Pack and the Eastern Pack, The Fight of the packs (Eastern and Southern vs Northern and Western), and the Night Battle (Southern vs Northern)

Territory Edit

Rowanfeather's Pack owns a small portion of the forest, just enough to live on. He is planning to attack other packs for their territory, due to pressure from his packmates. His territory includes little pine woods and a small amount of regular forest.

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