Welcome to the wiki! Editing should be fun, but there are some rules you shoulder consider. Please read the rules before you begin to edit!

  1. The first and most important rule: no bullying, bad words, spam, dirty or mean jokes, or deleting others’ pages. Doing so will come with a consequence! This wiki is meant to be a fun place, so please keep it kid-friendly.
  2. Before roleplaying, read the Roleplay Rules. Before creating a character and its page, read the Character Rules.
  3. Please do not create any new species before asking permission from an admin.
  4. Feel free to create purposeful pages, but please do not delete any pages without explicit instruction from an admin.
  5. Only admins and the founder can edit the front page and the rules pages. Please do not edit those pages unless we ask you to do so.
  6. Have fun and be creative!
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