Description Edit

Skythunder is a large griffin with a white head and neck, brown lion body, large dark brown wings, a yellow beak, and blazing amber eyes. He is fast and a good hunter.

Personality Edit

Skythunder is understanding and caring, but he gets annoyed very easily and he can be bossy at times. He is very proud because of his parentage, and he really wants to become the leader of his group one day, which makes him very loyal and brave. He is also very stubborn and thinks highly of himself.

History Edit

Skythunder is the son of Rosewing and Foxheart, two fierce, legendary griffin warriors. He was the second born in a litter of four, but only him and his sister Duskapple survived. They are very close, but Duskapple wants nothing to do with being leader. While they were growing up, Skythunder became a very successful hunter and hunted for himself and Duskapple when their parents went missing. They eventually found Stream and joined her group of griffins. Soon afterwards, Skythunder fell in love with one of the group’s hunters named Misty.

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