Description Edit

The Ice Tigers are large white big cats with blue or black stripes, and magical ice powers.

Pack Hierarchy Edit

Ice Tigers are given one name to keep their whole life. Their name is only changed during exile. The leader's beta, or second in command, is usually their kin, mate, or the strongest fighter in the pack. When a leader dies or retires, the beta becomes leader in his or her place, and names a new beta.

Behavior Edit

Ice Tigers are kind, keen, and very smart mythical beings, and can almost always sense a lie. They are less trusting, and very sensitive animals, and are slower in battle. 

History Edit

The Snow Tigers were formed out of snow and gifted magic by their creator, Moondawn, the second ever Ice Tiger and daughter of the first Ice Tiger.

Their Hierarchy is based off of the Winged Wolves', as they were the most common and easiest to observe.

Packs Edit

There is only one Snow Tiger pack, as their species is not wide in number.

Ice Pack Edit

The Ice pack with the current new leader, Breezesong. This pack is a strong and loyal pack and is forever in a feud with the Fire Ice pack and the Blaze pack. 

Snow Tiger Gods Edit

Great Tigris Edit

Great Tigris is the Ice Pack's god. It is said he was a war tiger and one of the best fighters who saved the tiger kind against the lions. But the lions are believed to be cruel and mean, and they killed him slowly. This started the everlasting feud. But one day, it is said he will rise again, and save the tigers by defeating all the lion kind. Now, they praise him as their lord, and on the last day of every year, they bring gifts to his grave, and they do rituals to celebrate his sacrifice. 

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