Zumba is a gray wolf, with light gray wings, like in the picture. Zumba's pupils are white, while the color around his eyes, is such a pale blue, that they're almost completely white, because he's blind. Around his neck and chest, his fur is for ruffled, and fluffed out.

But around his legs, and flanks, and back, his fur is smooth. Same with his face and muzzle. His tail is more like his neck and chest though.


Zumba was born in the Western Pack. He was quite close to his mother, and father until they died. Zumba was born blind, but he's one of the best fighters, and hunters in the pack. Some of the pups, and other wolves, thought he was quite scary, because of how good of a packmate he was, but that he was blind.

Zumba then met his best friend, Moonfrost, one day. She was a Snow Tiger, but they became friends anyway. Moonfrost seemed to be the only one who understood, that Zumba was just like any other animal, even though he was blind.

Zumba then began to make friends in the pack, but his best friend is still Moonfrost. Other wolves, including the Alpha, also began to realize that he was normal, and just as good as anyone else.


Zumba is kind, and caring, and is incredibly loyal to the Western Pack. He is currently, the third-highest ranking member of the pack. He respects the Alpha and Beta, and he listens to them, and his packmates. Zumba get really angry, when other wolves try and help him, because of him being blind.

When other wolves look at him odd, or try to guide him, he gets angry at them, but other than that, he is a pretty calm, and chill wolf. He is not easily frightened, and he is an incredible fighter and hunter. He always feels guilty for secretly meeting with Moonfrost, though.

Zumba hopes, that someday he will have the courage to tell his Alpha, his horrible secret.




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